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Aromatherapy Coach recommends the following accredited certification boards for your consideration:

  • DCB - Detoxification Certification Board (worldwide)
  • HCB - Alternative, Holistic and Natural Health Certification Board (worldwide)
  • NTCB - Natural Therapies Certification Board (worldwide)
  • NTCBEU - NTCB for Europe, Western Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  • NTCBAA - NTCB for Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia and Southeast Asia

Obtaining a Spiritual License

Aromatherapy coach recommends any spiritual licensing board accredited by the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards (FSHLB).

Become a CARE Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist

The correspondence courses and workshops offered by Aromatherapy Coach will count toward your certification as a Raindrop Technique Specialist or Instructor. For more information, please contact the following:

If you Have a Problem With a Licensing Board

Other Great Sources of Information and Assistance

  • Free Coach Tools -- This website has a great number of articles, courses and great information inluding some free materials from the Academy 4 Coaching
  • NTANA -- Benefits of membership include a website, authenticity verification and certification of your website, optional malpractice and general liability insurance, great monthly newsletter and more.
  • Authenticity Verified -- is a leader in certifying the authenticity of websites in the alternative, holistic, integrative and natural health, nutrition and wellness professions. NTANA provides their services to their professional members.
  • IPX Services -- provides business web hosting services for professionals in natural therapies. NTANA has a contract with IPX Services to provide services to their members at greatly reduced rates.
  • Private Health Associations -- provides outstanding protection and benefits for homeopaths, naturopaths, neurotherapists, nutritionists and others with a high non-medical profile. CARE has a private health association through this group.
  • Academy 4 Coaching -- is a good resource for informed consent forms


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