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Intensive Aromatherapy Workshop

General Instructions

It may take you several weeks to complete the assignments for our sessions, so we encourage you to get started on them as soon as possible. On the average, you will need to spend three or more hours a week preparing for our weekly conference calls. If you have any questions or problems with these three assignments, please bring them up during the question and answer portion of any workshop. We're here to help everybody. No matter what your questions or concerns may be, we can't address them if you don't mention them. Please bring them to our attention by emailing to ac @ ntcoach.org or during the workshop sessions.

If you haven't already completed a course in the following subjects, we recommend you do so as soon as possible:

Professional Practices

Professional Ethics

Creating Informed Consent Forms

Basic Coaching Skills Workshop


Accredited Programs

The New Paradigm Aromatherapy Workshop

The Aromatherapy Coach Workshop concentrates on how to practice aromatherapy in the new millinium. We suggest you get started right away. The cost of this correspondence course and workshop is normally $795 per person. The price has been reduced to $495 for a limited time to share the message of the new aromatherapy healing paradigm with other professionals.

Raindrop Coach with Michelle Truman

Wisdom By Nature Coach with Chalyce Macoskey

Here's what you'll study during this ten-week unconditionally guaranteed correspondence course and workshop:

  1. Introduction to Essential Oils
  2. The Biology of Essential Oils
  3. Blending Essential Oils (All 7 Methods)
  4. Essential Oils for Personal First Aid
  5. Essential Oils for Pain Management
  6. Essential Oils for Detoxification
  7. Essential Oils for Stress Management
  8. Essential Oils for Peak Performance
  9. Essential Oils for Quality of Life Enhancement
  10. Essential Oils for All Other Applications


If you already registered and can't find the study materials, please contact us.

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