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The New Paradigm Aromatherapy
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The practice of aromatherapy is changing for a number of reasons, including:

  1. The mission of the Codex Alimentarius Commission is to eliminate all natural therapies and replace them with pharmaceutical drugs. They have billions of dollars to make this happen.

  2. Counseling and nutrition are fast becoming licensed professions in North America and other parts of the world. These new counseling and nutrition licensing boards are agressively attempting to eliminate any competition that threatens licensed practitioner income.

  3. Medical licensing boards are challenging aromatherapists who "diagnose, treat and prescribe" essential oils for medical conditions of any kind.

  4. The pharmaceutical industry is making synthetic toxic oils that mimic natural essential oils. It's common to find synthetic oils with a little bit of the real natural essential oil in the blend being marketed as "natural essential oils." Unfortunately, all synthetic essential oils are toxic chemicals.

    You can spot these when you hear about extrordinarily low prices for rare essential oils like Chamomile, Helichrysm, Melissa, Neroli, Rose and Sandalwood. There is also a large amount of synthetic Frankincense, Cloves, Cardomom, Galbanum, Myrrh, Spikenard, German and Roman Chamomile being sold to the public as "natural essential oils."

General Instructions

It may take you several weeks to complete the assignments for our sessions, so we encourage you to get started on them as soon as possible. On the average, you will need to spend three or more hours a week preparing for our weekly conference calls. If you have any questions or problems with these three assignments, please bring them up during the question and answer portion of any workshop. We're here to help everybody. No matter what your questions or concerns may be, we can't address them if you don't mention them. Please bring them to our attention by emailing to ac@ ntcoach.org or during the workshop sessions.

The New Paradigm Aromatherapy Workshop

The Aromatherapy Coach Workshop concentrates on how to practice aromatherapy in the new millennium. Once you complete the above workshop and correspondence courses, you are eligible to take the comprehensive New Paradigm Aromatherapy Workshop. This workshop counts as 40 CEU for certification and spiritual healer licensing. The price of this acclaimed workshop has been reduced from $795 to $495 for a limited time.


Raindrop Coach

Wisdom By Nature

Here's what you'll study during this ten-week unconditionally guaranteed correspondence course and workshop:

  1. Introduction to Essential Oils
  2. The Biology of Essential Oils
  3. Blending Essential Oils (All 7 Methods)
  4. Essential Oils for Personal First Aid
  5. Essential Oils for Pain Management
  6. Essential Oils for Detoxification
  7. Essential Oils for Stress Management
  8. Essential Oils for Peak Performance
  9. Essential Oils for Quality of Life Enhancement
  10. Practicum for Aromatherapy Experts


Raindrop Coach

Wisdom By Nature


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